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Pandora Radio April 4, 2009

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When I type www. into my browser, the first suggestion is Facebook. (They are in order of most visited :]) But right below that comes Pandora-www.pandora.com. What is Pandora? Well, it’s an online “radio station”. You create an account, log in, and Pandora will guide you through the rest! Basically, you type in the name of a song or artist that you like and Pandora will play you music that is similar to the song or artist. (If you want to add more artists, just click on the add variety button from the menu). That’s how I discovered more songs of Jack Johnson. It’s also how I discovered Adele. Her song, Chasing Pavements, almost won a Grammy. But I don’t like that one so much, and it didn’t even play on Pandora. Pandora plays the music of the artist that is lesser known. Instead of that song, they played a blues song by Adele which I think is better than the song that became popular. I discovered Adele by putting in Amy Winehouse, and they also played lesser known Amy Winehouse songs which are way better than Rehab, which is the song that became popular. I liked John Legend before, but I only knew a few of his songs. Pandora played him, and it inspired me to get the album out of the library, listen to it, put every single song in my itunes library, and discover that JOHN LEGEND IS AWESOME!!!!!!! (Does anybody sense a blog entry coming up……) So Pandora: 4 out of 5 stars. The only problem is that when you first start listening, they repeat some of the songs when you open the page again. But when you listen to them as often as I do, you find awesome new music every day!! To listen to my Pandora radio station, click here.

UPDATE: apparentely, you have to create an account to listen to my radio station….but that doesn’t matter since after reading this you will create one anyways, right? :]


Song of the first posting in a while :)

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Well, I’m back posting again!! yayyyy!!! There has been a bunch of great songs this year and it’s very hard to pick one specific song….which means I’m picking the song that I’m listening to right now :] Its the easy way out… So the song of the first posting in a while is….. DRUMROLL PLEAAAASEEEE!!!!!!!!!! UPSIDE DOWN BY JACK JOHNSON! This is only about the second time I’ve heard that song, but Jack Johnson is a very good artist, and I want to hear more of his music. Usually, I hate covers, especially of the Beatles. (My mom is going to kill me for saying that). But this morning, I was listening to my Ipod, and a song came up by Jack Johnson-a cover of Imagine. That’s one of the things that I hate- when my mom brought home the album Love, I turned it off immediately. But I LOVED this version, which is a shocker considering my huge hate of Beatles or members of the Beatles covers! But I have to say, this version is veeerrryyyyyy good.

On another note, a song just came up while I’m writing this that I also like so the song to end the posting is………..RUBY TUESDAY BY THE ROLLING STONES!!!!


Webcams January 4, 2009

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If anyone is in a market for a new computer, one of the factors that you should consider is whether it has a webcam or not. A webcam, or as they call it on a mac, an isight, is easy to tell if it’s on a computer. Open the computer and above the screen you will see a little black square or circle. That is it, and when you turn it on on a mac, green lights will show up on the side of it. I think you can also buy webcams and attach them to the computer, but a built in one is better. Now that you know what it is, why should you get one? Using a screenname such as gmail or aim (http://www.aim.com or http://www.gmail.com and then find the sign up button) you can chat with other people who have a screen name. You will see a live video of them and they will see a live video of you. Instead of words appearing on the screen, you will see them talking to you. This is handy with people you hardly ever see or people that you need to show something to. For example, yesterday i did a video chat with my bubbie and zady who live in arizona!  I never see them, but since i got my new mac laptop, now I can see their faces and talk to them whenever I want, and they can see their granddaughter growing up without having to travel all the way to LA. It’s awesome!! It’s better than a phone call and you have to pay for phone calls, while this is free. GO WEBCAMS! 8D


Emma’s List of Funniest Youtube Videos December 23, 2008

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Well first, if we’re talking about funniest Youtube videos, there HAS to be Bon Qui Qui at Kingburger. 1 word: RUDE!! You have to see it to understand :]…..


Another one is a parody of “Fergalicious” by Fergie and while I like that song (my advice is don’t listen to the lyrics) it was born to be made fun of. The video is called Mathmaticious and it’s life from a math geek’s point of view…..rapped to “Fergalicious”!


Have fun :]


Song of the First Day of Winter Break December 22, 2008

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The song of the first day of winter break is….Something Good This Way Comes by Jacob Dylan! He is Bob Dylan’s son and personally, I think he’s a much better singer. It kinda depends on whether you like smooth singing or high pitched singing with a harmonica….whatever, they both have a guitar :]. It was a free single on iTunes, and usually they give away really bad ones, but this is one of the ones I’m glad I got (along with songs like Mercy by Duffy)!



December 13, 2008

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