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Eggs for Dinner September 1, 2011

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Sometimes, when I’m stuck on what to make for dinner or I have no groceries, I fall back on the old standby — eggs.

Eggs for dinner used to mean frittatas.  I had a great recipe from Patricia Wells’ book, “Trattoria.”  You don’t need a recipe to know what ingredients to use, but rather for the technique.  Pretty much all frittata recipes have you start the eggs on the stove, add fillings (which have been cooked separately, although I sometimes cheat and cook the filling, remove it to a plate, and cook the eggs in the same pan.  I’m lazy that way.), and finish under the broiler, but Wells gets the timing just right.  A trick I learned from Wells is to run a knife along the sides of the pan to loosen the frittata before putting it in the broiler.

I love frittatas, and so does the rest of my family.  You get your protein and your veggies, and you can cook a frittata for four people in one pan.  But lately, I’ve switched from frittatas to omelets.  Frittatas do have their down side.  They can be difficult to unmold, you have to cook them in a broiler-safe pan, and the pan is often difficult to wash.  Omelets have none of these problems.  The only problem with omelets is that you have to make them individually.  But how delicious they can be!

This omelet is filled with sauteed mushrooms, green onion, and some fresh thyme.  I also threw some fresh thyme in with the eggs, just to gild the lily.  And cooked in butter, of course.  It’s the butter that makes the omelet, in my opinion.

I haven’t thrown over frittatas for good.  But the humble omelet is so satisfying.



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