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Hamentaschen 2011 March 26, 2011

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The LA Times has redeemed itself.  Over the holidays, I baked (and blogged about) a cookie recipe I got from the Times that was not worth the effort.  But the hamentaschen recipe that was recently published was a different story.  Two years ago, I blogged about my family’s standard hamentaschen recipe that we bake every year, but which is imprecise and difficult to work with.  A friend turned me on to a different recipe, and lo and behold, it was published in the Times this year.  I had to try it.  The results were great.  The dough was easy to make, easy to work with, and was delicious.  Best of all, the hamentaschen didn’t turn soft the next day — they retained their texture better than others I’ve made.


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