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Julie and Julia, by Julie Powell July 18, 2010

Filed under: Books,Food — wendy @ 8:47 pm

Ok, I read it.  First I saw the movie, and while I enjoyed it, I had no great desire to read the book.  I actually found Julie Powell to be kind of annoying.  But I saw it in the library and couldn’t resist.

I still think Julie Powell is kind of annoying.  She’s so self-centered, upset about her dead-end secretary job and living in a semi-squalid apartment in New York.  Guess what, Julie?  You’re college educated – you could probably find a non-secretarial job if you wanted to.  So don’t complain so much!  And she gets so uptight about her cooking challenges, blowing up with four-letter words at failed attempts to make complicated dishes.  Been there, but again, Julie?  You’ve imposed this on yourself, so don’t stress out so much about it!  There are real things in the world to get upset about, like poverty and war.

But actually, I really enjoyed Julie and Julia.  I enjoyed her saucy language, her description of her friends’ love lives, her twenty-something with the crappy job in a crappy apartment experiences.  Once you get past her self centeredness, the book is fun.  And I’m insanely jealous that her blog got more than 30 hits on the first day!


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